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Good doctor Understand your problem and give advice n medicines which is really effective

Knowledgeable, experienced and patience Doctor. We always had great experience consulting with you. Thanks for support.

Doctor is very good and patient as well. He treats his patients wisely and help them recover early.The fees is aslo affordable. I recommend every one to Consult the doctor at least once.

I had a lot of back pain problem but when I joined my back pain has reduced a lot which has greatly helped me ..also the coordination for taking an appointment was upto the mark There were no issues with coordination and whatever I used to ask there was very promt response

I came to Dr.Gurmeet Singh sawhney after visiting many doctors, who were rather unsympathetic or casual about my headaches. I have been a migraine patient for many years. But since this pandemic started I developed severe headaches, which only worsened after getting covid. Dr Sawhney is a very patient and kind hearted doctor. He has always taken the time to lisgen to me and help me out. My headaches have significantly reduced after following the pain relief plan given to me by Dr Sawhney .

I am Smita Pratap Desai. I am Sara's patient. On 19th July 2020, I took Sara's appointment. Sara told me and my husband that I have a tumour. Jahal was saying in the meantime that his eyes would go away, his face would go into comma, his memory would go away, but my husband prepared his whole mind and asked her to do an operation. 99% guarantee was not mine, but she believed in her husband and asked him to operate. My operation was final 13 hours later. Then I got to know everyone, they were convinced that she has no memory, so these two things are over, then 3 days later, when I checked the series, they realized that her limb moment is not happening, then they told Pratap that the limb moment is gone and she will do physio. The sir gave me a lot of patience, he came and put his hand on my head and said how are you baby, the same words were giving me patience, then I would not smile and move my head, I would feel like my father. Ran 1 month I was there as if it was our granddaughter Sir after 8 days I was stunned when the rest of the doctors came but they did not inform sirana so sir shouted loudly everyone and soon sir came there and shifted me to ICU then I was not there I want to stay, sir, when I come, I want to talk, sir, I'm all yours alone, but don't take this pipe out of my nose, take me to the general ward, cry, they finally kept the siren under 24 hours under observation, they shifted me, even after that, when I came home, I used to call home. But Sir never got angry. Every time he decided that I am alive today because of these gods and goddesses. I get up every day to thank him even today without saying that you have gods for me. Anyway, sir, stay behind everyone. God give you so much life, thank you so much for saving a life like ours, my mother, my relatives also pray for you every day sir thank u thank u, sir.

Gurneet Sir is one of the most humble and helpful Dr I have met. My grandmom has undergone spinal cord meningioma tumor excision surgery. Before the surgery, she wasn't able to walk properly. Post-surgery, within 7-8 days she was able to walk with negligible support. Can't thank you enough Sir for being the saviour.

Dr Gurneet Singh is a god in the form of a doctor. We were very nervous when we went to him for the treatment of my eldest daughter. Dr Singh first gave us patience, and then told us simply that nothing has happened to your daughter. Be absolutely carefree. Neither he has a brain tumour nor any other disease, you just get his eyes checked, only the number of his eyes has increased. And really it was like that. My daughter is fine now and it has become possible only because of Dr Gurneet Singh. He is a very nice person. Not only this, despite being a doctor, there is a lot of down to earth. Thank you so much Gurneet Singh because of you we again trust other Doctors. Lots of blessings to you and your whole team

Dr Sawhney was GOD sent for us. From a really tough situation, we got our mother back, all thanks to this noble-hearted Doctor. Not just with his skills as a surgeon, but also with his supportive and positive attitude, he helped us through very difficult times. Always on call, and ever so patient with us. My mother could not have been in better hands. Thank you God.

My sister got operated on 28th April 2021 this year. We were scared after knowing that my sister is suffering with a brain tumour. However, the way doctor sir treated her that was wonderful. Doctor sir polite and soft behaviour makes the whole episode comfortable and tension free. Thanks to Dr Gurneet Singh Sawhney Ji.

I am very satisfied with the treatment done by Respected Doctor Gurneet Singh ji. He is very soft and kind-hearted and has a high level of knowledge and treatment. Very great experienced doctor.. I'll recommend for everyone.

My daughter was operated on by Dr Gurneet Sir for her brain surgery on April 21. I must say we gave her in the safest hands ever. The way she recovered after the surgery is really surprising for us. Moreover, his approach towards kids is so friendly. He really makes them so comfortable. In my opinion, he is the best Neurosurgeon.