Dr. Gurneet Singh Sawhney Talks About DBS Surgery in Mumbai!

Published on 24th Mar, 22

This article tells you! In this article, Dr. Gurneet Singh Sawhney, the best neurosurgeon in India who has performed many advanced neurosurgeries and DBS surgery in Mumbai, talks about DBS, its benefits, procedure, and more!

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न्युरोलोजीस्ट डॉ. गुरनीत सिंह साहनी ने 3 साल की एक बच्ची की जान बचाई

Published on 11th Jan, 22

ब्रेन ट्यूमर जैसी दिमाग संबंधित बीमारीया किसी को भी हो सकती हैं, और अगर उसका सही उपचार ना हो तो वे जीवन के लिए खतरा पैदा कर सकती हैं। हालांकि, आधुनिक न्यूरोलॉजिकल और न्यूरोसर्जिकल पद्धती के माध्यम से उनका उपचार और समाधान संभव है। सौभाग्य से, भारत में न्यूरोसर्जरी का कौशल दुनिया भर में विख्यात है। जिसकी वजह से भारत में न्यूरोसर्जनों ने कौशल के माध्यम से अनेक बहुमूल्य जीवन बचाए हैं।

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Dr Gurneet Singh Sawhney Performs Retrosigmoid Suboccipital Craniotomy for complete excision of Vestibular Schwannoma

Published on 30th Sep, 21

Advancements in neurosurgery have made it possible to treat critical and complicated neurosurgical disorders in much precise and accurate manner. Currently, neurosurgery offers renewed hope to patients who have been diagnosed with brain and spine disorders which could have been limited due to human limitations.

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Mumbai’s Dr. Gurneet Singh Sawhney States Advancements In Neurosurgery Promise Better And Longer Lives

Published on 22nd Jul, 21

Mumbai’s Dr. Gurneet Singh Sawhney is one of the best neurosurgeons in India reiterates that the latest advancements in neurosurgery have bought in a new wave of hope amongst patients with neurological issues especially those requiring surgery.

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Expert Neurosurgeon Dr. Gurneet Singh Sawhney performs a complex Awake Craniotomy on a 40 YO-patient in Mumbai

Published on 15th Jun, 21

Advancements in surgical science have made it possible to perform a brain tumor removal surgery while the patient is awake and responding to queries from the operating medical team…

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Advanced neurosurgery treatments raise recovery hopes in brain tumour patients: Dr Gurneet Singh Sawhney

Published on 8th Jun, 21

World Brain Tumour Day is celebrated on June 8, every year to create awareness and educate the people about medical advancements in the treatment of brain tumours and the possibility of a high rate of recovery. The brain is a highly important organ of the human body. Any medical ailment relating to the brain should be attended to without further delay. The patient can experience life-threatening situations or even loss of life in case of delay in treatment. --ADVERTISEMENT-- The symptoms of brain tumors are also related to their location in the brain. Most commonly patients develop early morning headaches, associated with vomiting, seizures, speech difficulty, poor understanding, and visual issues and so on. There have been instances in which a patient diagnosed with a brain tumor has no associated complaints or symptoms.There have been instances in which a patient diagnosed with a brain tumor has no associated complaints or symptoms.

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Dr Gurneet Singh Sawhney - Most Dynamic and Competent Neurosurgeon in Mumbai

Published on 7th Nov, 20

Dr Sawhney states, 'Complete tumour excision changes the outcome of the patient. These surgeries are performed with immense precision and accuracy to ensure their success. My focus has been to restore the patient's health in the best possible manner. I am satisfied with my success in performing neuro-oncological surgeries.'

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