What should you do in case of an immediate migraine attack?

Migraine is a severe nerve condition that can affect either side or half of the head. The resulting headache is excruciating. Read on to view the full details...

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Migraine is another sort of headache, although it is not the same as a regular headache. It is a severe nerve condition that can affect either side or half of the head. The resulting headache is excruciating. It is as if someone is pounding on the interior of your skull.

Migraine attacks disrupt one's daily routine and make one irritable. When a migraine attacks, a person requires relief. For people in Mumbai, there is good news that they can receive the most-effective migraine treatment by consulting Dr. Gurneet Sawhney, one of the leading neurosurgeons in Mumbai, India


Moreover, Dr. Sawhney can assist you in receiving the best migraine treatment by thoroughly examining your condition. In addition to consulting with the best neurosurgeon in Mumbai, India, follow some helpful tips to alleviate the migraine attack. 


In this article, we will go through what to do if you have a migraine attack.

10 Things To Do During a Migraine Attack

1. Rest as much as possible:

It is critical to get enough rest. Migraine sufferers become hypersensitive to light and sound, which makes them irritable all of the time and makes their headaches worse. 


The pain-sensitive cell will be activated and cause issues if exposed to light. It is recommended that you rest as much as possible and in a dark environment. It takes 30 to 40 minutes to feel comfortable and relieved after entering gloomy surroundings.


2. Exercise is the best way to prevent migraine attacks: 

Exercising during a migraine attack can aggravate the situation. However, it does help to limit the number of episodes. It will not only prevent migraines but will also assist in their relief. When it comes to preventing migraine attacks, aerobic workouts are the greatest option. Include exercise in your daily routine for a faster recovery.


3. Use a Heating Pad: 

Using a heating pad during a migraine attack can also assist. It should be worn around the neck or on the back of the head. A person will be able to feel relieved at some point.


4. Have a Caffeinated Drink: 

Caffeinated drinks can help with migraine pain relief. It works well in the early stages and enhances the effects of pain relievers like aspirin. On the other hand, caffeine might aggravate the condition if consumed in excess, so take it moderately.


5. Follow Good Sleeping Patterns: 

Headaches are common in those who do not have a good sleeping pattern, which leads to poor night sleep. Migraine sufferers need at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep per night. Hence, support normal sleeping patterns and aim to avoid doing anything else during this time.


6. Have the Healthiest Diet: 

Skipping meals can cause headaches, and if you have a migraine attack, remember when you last ate. Make sure you have a proper meal and stay on track. You should avoid chocolate, alcohol, and cheese because they can induce migraines and worsen the condition.


7. Manage Stress: 

If you want to get rid of migraines, you must learn to manage your stress. It is not a solution to avoid it, but it is a solution to manage it. Managing your time correctly and other aspects of your life can help you modify your attitude toward a situation and bring some joy into your life.


8. Smell the lavender: 

The aroma of lavender is relaxing and helps to relieve headaches. According to studies and doctor recommendations, it is the finest migraine treatment. Headaches can be reduced and eliminated by inhaling lavender oil for 15 minutes.


9. Massage the Temples: 

Massaging the temples can help with pain relief. It is dependent on the individual and the migraine symptom. It can be alleviated with a 15 to a 30-minute massage. However, massaging the temples is the most effective and can make a person feel soothed in no time.


10. Stay Hydrated:

Dehydration has a significant impact on the body and can lead to a variety of problems. So, if you are having a migraine, drink plenty of water and keep it up. If you have difficulties drinking enough water, add a slice of lemon or other fruit juice to the water and drink it. However, increasing the amount can have a significant impact.


These are the guidelines to follow if you want to get rid of migraines. Consult Dr Gurneet Singh Sawhney if your problem is becoming more severe or suffering from migraines regularly. 


He is one of the top neurosurgeons in Mumbai, India, who can assist you in receiving the best treatment for your condition. Discuss your symptoms with him so that he can develop the best treatment plan for you.



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