Top 4 Ways To Cure Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a condition which can be treated, and in many cases, it can be handled with the right medication. Almost half of the people with epilepsy become seizure-free with the earliest medication they consume.

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Epilepsy is a condition which can be treated, and in many cases, it can be handled with the right medication. Almost half of the people with epilepsy become seizure-free with the earliest medication they consume. Though, many people have to opt for more than one option to deal with seizures.

If you choose medication to treat your epilepsy and are still going through seizures, or if your medication is leading to uncomfortable side effects, you can consult the best brain surgeon for your epilepsy surgery in Mumbai.


Research advices that your probability of becoming seizure-free lessens by each successive epilepsy drug treatment. So, if you’ve by now tried two or more different medications for epilepsy and had no success, you must talk to your brain doctor about non-drug option.


Here are the most common epilepsy treatment options when medication doesn’t look like its preventing seizures.


Epilepsy Surgery

For few people with epilepsy, surgery to eradicate the part of the brain that’s leading to seizures can assist. If your seizures grow from a small area of your brain that doesn’t control vital functions like vision, speech, hearing or mobility, epilepsy surgery may be an alternative.


Most people who go through epilepsy surgery still continue to take medication to handle their seizures. After a period of time you can reduce your dose and take medications less often.


Vagus nerve stimulation

The other alternative treatment for epilepsy is vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), in which a device just like a pacemaker is entrenched under the skin of your chest. The stimulator propels bursts of energy to your brain via the vagus nerve in your neck. VNS has the strength to lessen seizures by up to 40 percent.


Similar to after epilepsy surgery, many people with VNS still have to take medication, but at a low dose. Common side effects from VNS are throat pain and sometimes respiratory problems.


Responsive neuro stimulation

The other alternative way to cure epilepsy is responsive neuro stimulation (RNS). In RNS, a stimulator is entrenched in your brain at the source of your seizures. This device is intended to know the electrical pattern of the seizure and send stimulation when unusual patterns are detected. 


RNS may lessen seizures by 60 to 70 percent. Most people using RNS will yet have to take medications, but generally the dose of medication can be reduced. Many people with RNS do not have side effects at all.


Ketogenic diet

For several people with epilepsy, an alteration in diet can assist to lessen the frequency of seizures. A ketogenic diet causes your body to develop energy by breaking down fats rather than carbohydrates. 


It usually involves consuming three or four grams of fat for every one gram of carbs, which means that around 90 percent of your every day calories, will come from fat. 


There is a threat that adopting this diet can result in malnourishment. It might also lead to health issues like constipation and kidney stones. It’s necessary that you talk to your neurosurgeon before trying it.



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