Brain Tumor Surgery In India – Treatment Options

A brain tumor is the growth of abnormal cells in your brain. As the tumor grows, it changes the function of surrounding brain tissue, causing symptoms like headaches, nausea and balance problems. Read on to view the full details.

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Are you suffering from a brain tumor? 

Is it making your life difficult? 

Is it stopping you from living a happy and normal life?

If yes, then don’t worry! This article provides you with different treatment options available in India to treat brain tumors including surgery.


But before understanding the different treatment options available to treat a brain tumor, first, let us understand what a brain tumor is.


So, what is a brain tumor?

A brain tumor is the growth of abnormal cells in your brain. As the tumor grows, it changes the function of surrounding brain tissue, causing symptoms like headaches, nausea, and balance problems. A brain tumour is very devasting and harms our life. 


It can even take away our life. But we shouldn’t allow it to take away our life. We should fight against it and defeat it. Life is precious. How can we let it be taken away from us just like that? We should fight for it by defeating brain tumors and not allowing them to snatch our happiness and life. 


As no one can stop us from living, no one can stop us from happiness. We all have a right to live, that too to live a happy life. 


So, for not allowing brain tumors to take away your life and happiness, it is essential to fight against it and not give up! It’s now time to defeat a brain tumor! It’s now time to save your life and happiness! It’s now time to fight the battle against a brain tumor and become victorious!


But how?

There are different treatment options available in India to treat brain tumors like surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. So, get brain tumor treatment from the best neurosurgeon in India and win the battle against a brain tumor.


Now, we will discuss each of the treatment options in detail.


Surgical procedures

The most common therapy for brain tumors is surgery. Your neurosurgeon in India will make a hole in the skull to remove a brain tumor. The procedure is known as a craniotomy. This aids in the tumor elimination process.


A biopsy is used when tumors cannot be removed. Before a biopsy, a CT scan is performed to determine the specific position of the tumor. The tumor is then treated through a tiny hole in the skull with a needle. Brain mapping can also aid in the treatment of brain cancers. Biopsies are performed using techniques such as endoscopy.


The use of intraoperative MRI during the removal of a brain tumor is beneficial. Other surgical treatments used to treat brain tumors include deep brain stimulation, awake brain surgery, and endonasal endoscopic surgery. Electrodes are implanted in the brain, and electrical pulses are sent across the electrodes to stimulate the nerves.


Awake brain surgery is performed while the patient is awake and under local anesthetic. This delicate method is used when certain parts of the brain are affected by pathology that affects specialized functions such as movement, speech, and vision. This method is beneficial in the treatment of tumors.


A small tube is inserted through the nasal cavity directly to the front of the brain in endonasal endoscopic surgery.


This surgical method is designed to treat tumors or anomalies in the frontal parts of the brain that are easily accessible through the nose using an endoscope. It is recommended that brain tumor surgery be performed by the top neurosurgeon in India to reduce the risks and complications associated with the procedure.


Radiation Therapy

High-powered rays are used in radiation therapy to kill cancer cells and stop them from developing. In some cases, radiation therapy might be used instead of surgery. External radiation can be beneficial in the treatment of brain cancers. External radiation treatments are administered five days a week and for an extended period.


 When the entire brain is treated, the tumor is given an additional dose of radiation. The Gamma Knife is a type of radiation therapy that can be used to treat brain tumors. High-energy rays are focused on the tumor from various angles in this procedure. 


As a result, a large dose of radiation can be delivered to the tumor while causing no injury to other brain tissue.



Chemotherapy is the use of chemicals to kill cancer cells. Your doctor in India can administer these medications orally or by injection into a blood vessel or muscle. Chemotherapy is administered in a series of cycles. 


It’s one of the most effective ways to treat a brain tumor. So, get the best treatment from a neurosurgeon in India and defeat your brain tumor.



In this article, we discussed brain tumor and how it negatively impacts our life. But we shouldn’t give up. We shouldn’t allow it to snatch away our happiness and life. There are different brain tumor treatments in India like surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy that help us to fight against a brain tumor and defeat it. 


With the help of these treatments, it is now possible to win the battle against a brain tumor and become victorious. So, what are you waiting for? Seek help from the best neurologist in India and win this battle! All the best!



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