7 Ways to Manage Migraine

Migraines are a very fatal condition and cause a lot of pain! But one can now replace this pain with joy by following the above tips for managing migraines. One can also manage migraines by getting migraine treatment from the best neurologist in Mumbai.

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Are you having a severe headache or a throbbing pain on one side of your head?

Are you vomiting?

Are you sensitive to light and sound?

Then it is likely that you are suffering from migraines. Migraine headaches are very severe and terrible! They prevent us from performing our daily activities.


But there’s good news!

One can manage migraines!


Do you want to also manage your migraines?

Do you wish to replace the migraine pain with happiness?

Do you wish to perform your daily activities with ease without any obstacles in the form of migraines?


If yes, then keep reading this article. This article provides 7 effective ways to manage migraines.


You can also treat your migraines by getting migraine treatment in Mumbai! The best neurosurgeon in Mumbai provides effective and affordable migraine treatment.


What are the 7 effective ways of managing migraines?

The top neurologist in Mumbai suggests the following 7 ways of managing migraines:


1 . Avoid certain foods: 

Certain foods such as aged cheese, bacon, red wine, smoked fish, etc. trigger migraines. Alcohol also is known to trigger migraines. So, it is advisable to avoid such foods and drinks that trigger and increase the risk of migraines. It is suggested to keep a record of foods that trigger your migraine and avoid them in the future.


2. Follow your daily routine: 

Change is a sign of growth and is considered good! But not in the case of migraines. Change isn’t a sign of growth but a sign of threat in case of migraines. If you are a migraine patient, it is advisable to follow your daily routine strictly and be consistent. 


Following proper eating, sleeping, and exercise schedule can help you in managing your migraines and reduce the risk of migraine attacks.


3. Sleep well: 

A lack of proper sleep is known to cause migraines. So, it is essential to have a proper 7-8 hours of sleep every day to reduce the risk of migraines. One can get sound sleep by staying away from the sound! Sounds such as sounds of tv, etc. 


These often disturb our sleep and prevent us from getting good, sound sleep! So, it is advisable to avoid watching tv before going to sleep and avoid using mobile phones before going to bed. A 15-minute prayer before sleeping can give you a good 7-8 hours of sleep.


4. Manage stress: 

Stress is one of the major causes of migraines. One cannot prevent stress, but one can definitely manage stress to keep migraines in control. Yoga, meditation, relaxation exercises are some of the effective ways of managing stress.


One can also manage stress by engaging in activities that they like and by having a positive environment around them. Talking to friends and spending time with family and loved ones can also help in managing stress. This in turn will help reduce migraines.


5. Exercise regularly: 

Exercising reduces stress and obesity which are the two main risk factors of migraines. So, by exercising regularly, one can keep their migraines in control. But make sure that you engage in light exercises such as walking and cycling as performing vigorous exercises can worsen your migraines.


6. Include supplements: 

Nutritional supplements like magnesium, vitamin B2, and coenzyme Q10 are known to reduce the risk of migraines. They help to regulate the balance of chemicals in the nervous system. So, it is advisable to include such supplements in your diet to manage and avoid migraines.


7. Take proper medications: 

Medications such as aspirin help control milder migraines. For severe migraines, your doctor in Mumbai may prescribe medicines such as triptans. Such medications are useful in treating migraines. But remember, to not take an excess of such medicines as they can be harmful. Excess can turn users into harmful!


By following the above 7 tips, one can surely manage their migraines! In case, even after following the above tips you are unable to manage your migraines and are having a severe migraine, then it is advisable to go for migraine treatment in Mumbai.



Migraines are a very fatal condition and cause a lot of pain! But one can now replace this pain with joy by following the above tips for managing migraines. One can also manage migraines by getting migraine treatment from the best neurologist in Mumbai.


Are you experiencing migraine symptoms?

Then follow these effective 7 tips and get relief from migraine pain!

Also, visit the best neurologist and get the best migraine treatment in Mumbai!



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