Spine Surgery


Aging, inappropriate body mechanics, sudden trauma, stress and structural abnormalities can hurt your spine, which leads to back pain and other indicators such as leg pain, numbness or even leg weakness. Chronic back pain entails you to get yourself analyzed and treated by a spinal neurosurgeon. Spine surgery is the last thing you must opt for, before considering other options in Mumbai if available. This investment of time and right information-gathering will aid you in making mindful treatment decision that will best upkeep your lifestyle and desired level of physical activity.

Dr. Gurneet, backed by combined orthopedic and neurosurgical group offers patients benefit from the best of both realms. If you require spine surgery in Mumbai, we ensure the surgeon you meet with is with you from start to finish—we do not take on-board medical students, residents or interns. This confirms we have the lowest complication rate and that you acquire the gold glove treatment you deserve.

Our spine surgeon & staff have years of experience and can approach any spinal condition, be it minor or major, new or previously failed surgery syndrome. This practice combined with admission to the modern technology makes it an example of the finest that spine surgery in Mumbai can offer.

Get your spine treated from Dr.Gurneet Singh Sawhney today!