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Skills & Expertise

  • Special skill in simple and complex spine surgery including CVJ and minimally invasive spine surgery [received special hands-on training for MISS]
  • Special interest in Functional Neurosurgery.
  • Sound knowledge about stereotactic, seizure and functional neurosurgery.
  • Highly experienced in managing Neurotrauma and emergency neurosurgeries.
  • Amply skilled in Neurooncology including skull base and deep seated tumours.
  • Well experienced in Neuroendoscopy procedures including Endoscopic pituitary surgery. Have completed Neuroendoscopy Fellowship in 2017.
  • Good hold on Vascular Neurosurgery and have individually performed aneurysm, AVM surgeries.
  • Good control on Neurointervention. Have completed 13th Delhi Course on Neurointervention.