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Parkinson’s Treatment


Parkinson’s disease distresses the nerve cells in the brain that create dopamine. The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease comprise of muscle stiffness, tremors, and alterations in speech and gait. Post diagnosis, Parkinson’s treatment in Mumbai can help get rid of symptoms, but there is yet no cure.

Everyone's experience of Parkinson's is different, so you may require trying various medications, treatments and therapies to discover what works best for you. Your specialist can offer you a personalized advice based on your lifestyle and disease symptoms.

The most essential element in your care is that you have as much comfortable, friendly and productive a relationship as possible with your doctor. In selecting a doctor for Parkinson’s treatment in Mumbai, your main considerations must be how much the doctor knows, and how well the doctor attends to you. Remember, no two cases of Parkinson's disease are same. Having a doctor who recognizes this, and who listens to you, is important. When it comes to Parkinson's disease, "advanced" treatment can mean a new exercise routine for one person, surgery for another.

The multidisciplinary team headed by Dr. Gurneet and expert physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians, physical therapists and pain management specialists —endows complete, well-integrated care for patients with Parkinson’s disease and many other disorders of the brain. Here, patients have a complete range of care, from diagnosis to treatment and recovery.