All You Need To Know About Neurosurgery

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Neurosurgery is defined as an effective management of tumors, injuries, infections, degenerative changes, and some other surgical entities of the central, peripheral, and nervous system and the vital diagnostic procedures. There are various neuro-related disorders that an individual may face due to various medical concerns or lifestyle changes. Most of the time, surgery is the only option.

Here is the list of all types of neurosurgeries that you need to know about

  1. Brain Tumor Surgery

    Brain tumor is the growth of abnormal cells in our brain. Brain tumor is further divided into two categories namely malignant (cancerous) and non-malignant. The brain's ability to work depends upon the location of the tumor, whether it is in our brain or central nervous system. The brain tumor surgery is the first step towards treating the tumors. It is generally recommended by doctors, as the tumor can be removed with the least neurological damage.

  2. Epilepsy Surgery

    There's another kind of surgery named as epilepsy surgery. Mostly with the help of medications, we can have a control over the seizures with epilepsy. In this surgery, the doctors opt for MRI, so that they can clearly know where the seizures occur in the brain and do the seizure treatment accordingly. After the MRI is completed, the doctors come to a conclusion of whether the whole brain lobe or a portion lobe has to be removed and consequently the surgery is done.

  3. Spine Surgery

    Sometimes it becomes necessary to prefer spine surgery, as and when medications don’t respond effectively, the surgery helps the patients to regain normalcy with their chronic back pain and walking issues. The spine surgery is mostly suggested only after non-progressive treatments such as rests, physical therapy, and pain management failures.

  4. Brain Surgery

    The most complicated and critical process is of brain surgery. As the medical technology has turned advanced, the surgeons can operate the patient more properly without any incisions in the brain or head. This surgery is done so that the patient's brain abnormalities can be corrected. The few mains reasons for brain surgery are blood clots in brain, epilepsy, skull fracture, fluids building up in the brain, and many more.

  5. DBS Surgery

    Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a surgery in which a device is implanted in the brain that passes electrical signals as per the movement of the body. At the top of the skull, small holes are created through which the electrodes are placed on the both sides of our brain. Deep brain stimulation surgery can be performed only by the neurosurgeon that has an extra-ordinary training in functional neurosurgery.

The minute we start feeling the symptoms of tumor or know that we need to have a surgery done; selecting the best neurosurgeon is a must. There are many neurosurgeons working towards getting positive results and keeps the utmost care of our health. As early as we get the surgery done with proper medication and best surgeons, neuro-related disorders can get cured.

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