5 Key Tips For A Speedy Recovery Post-Spine Surgery In Mumbai

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As you initiate to make your pre-operative and post-operative checklist, ensure to put in these building blocks to the “to-do “list (together with building strength by means of exercise, which is over and over again guided by top spinal neurosurgeon.

Here are the top 5 tips you need for post spine surgery recovery:

  1. Consume sufficient protein.

    To facilitate healing, our body depends on generous amounts of protein. These amino acids are the real source of our strength, our muscle, in addition to basic healing. Our collagen, that builds a base for a lot of our structure, is made out of protein and amino acids. Even the antibodies that aid us in fighting against infection need protein.

  2. Remove refined sugars and food products.

    By keeping away from refined sugar and refined food products, we can help administer our blood sugar level. Foods with a high glycemic index, or contain high sugars, not only are unhealthy, but they also have been revealed to curb the immune system.  According to study, one tablespoon of sugar can suppress your immune system for about 5-8 hours. The amount of sugar in one 12-ounce can of soda may slow down your immune system for upto two days.

  3. Have enough sleep

    Never take too lightly the power of a good night sleep especially post spine surgery! Sleep experts suggest 7-8 hours of sleep at night. If you fail to complete your sleep, you would need to sleep one hour extra the subsequent day for every two hours that your sleep is deprived. Sleep not only aids your body to rejuvenate, but can also boost your memory power, mood, and be a strong motivation. Sleep is very significant during the recovery phase post spine surgery.

  4. Consume dietary supplements

    Many individuals are surprisingly deficient in the following nutrients, which are necessary for healing process: Vitamin C & D, Magnesium, and the anti-inflammatory attributes of Omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin C is necessary for collagen healing. Magnesium is important for calcium sufficiency, as well as muscle health. Vitamin D is less in number of individuals who are not getting enough sunlight owing to extreme cold climatic conditions.People need to talk to their spine surgeon and include these dietary supplements in order to optimize their healing process.

  5. Stay Hydrated

    This means that patients recovering from spine surgery should drink water—without any kind of excuses. Drinking sodas, coffee, and tea must definitely not be baffled with hydration. Water is the most effectual means of getting proper hydration while cleansing out our system and generates a helpful environment for healing and overall wellbeing

Consider these five essential tips to add in your post-surgery care that can help you heal smoothly and aid you in returning back to your full activities as soon as possible. More than anything, it’s a must to have regular consultation session with your spine surgeon. This will help you to know about your recovery speed and guide you towards better spinal health prospects.

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