3 Things To Keep In Mind When Pursuing Fitness Goals

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Pursuing Fitness Goals

Sometimes something unexpected happens: You get up in the morning then brush your teeth, go for a shower and wear your clothes, but when you try to wear them, you find your pant’s don’t fit anymore. You realize that you have put on weight. Either you have indulged more over the holidays or might be you have stopped going to the gym owing to your neurology treatment. Even if you went through Parkinson’s treatment, Seizure treatment, Epilepsy Treatment or a Brain Tumor treatment, no matter what the reason is you may have fell down the fitness train but now it’s time to get back on the diet.

No doubt now you are motivated to lose your weight but don’t forget to care for yourself. You might say that dieting and working out is also a part of self care only, whereas the type of self care here we are discussing is about mental well-being. Taking a break for hectic schedule, having fun and giving yourself a treat regularly are small little things that can assist you to be sane. Do remember this simultaneously at the time you pursue your fitness goals.

  1. Pay attention to the gut

    Taking care of your gut doesn’t mean taking care of your intuition. The gut here is referred to your digestive system. It’s quiet common to have digestive issues when you change your diet. Instead of losing motivation to have a healthy diet, better try to indulge into more probiotics food stuff and natural snacks that assists your gut’s micro biome i.e. the 10-100 trillion microorganisms that are present in your digestive system. It becomes easier to digest food when the body’s micro biome is healthy. Moreover your gut health affects your body in several ways. There is a rising proof that shows tending to your body’s micro biome can enhance your entire mood.

  2. Put off Sore Muscles

    Post tiring workout, you might want to just take a shower and dig in the food. But if you don’t take proper time to unwind then you might result having sore muscles in the morning that might not encourages you to work out till you feel good. To avoid those aching muscles, without fail stretch your body post and prior workouts. Always remember to do warm up and cool down stuff. Drink ample of water at the time of working out as well as make sure there is plenty of water rich foods available in your diet.

    Lastly, rather than having a quick shower, opt for a warm bath with Epsom salts. Epsom salts are scientifically called as magnesium sulfate heptahydrate- that assists your body absorb magnesium, which is an important mineral that supports the immune system, turns your bones stronger, controls blood pressure and assists to have a calm sleep. This salt bath relaxes your skeletal muscles by evading lactic acid that is buildup and regulates muscles and nerve function. Moreover having a warm water bath prior to going to sleep can improve your sleep pattern that is necessary for your weight loss as well as fitness goals.

  3. Maintaining Self-Care & Fitness Goals

    It’s quiet good that you are ready to focus towards your fitness goals. Remember to take appropriate time to relax as well as care for yourself. Put up some probiotics foods to your diet chart if you feel like your diet is creating havoc so that it keeps you and your mind calm and relax. It feels great to workout with your dog (if you have one) as it turns out to be fun as well as it gives him the exercise he needs to do.

    Lastly sore muscles can turn out to be an obstacle in the way of your motivation. Thus to avoid having aches and pains, do warming up, stretching, cooling down as well as relieve your sore by taking a warm Epsom salt bath.

    Self care is quiet important aspect in today’s era. And balancing the way you handle self care and your hectic life is another big stone to crack.

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